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Fish Release 2015

Fishing Report July 19, 2015 by Doug Neal - Almanor Fishing Adventures

Surface temps hitting 75.8 degrees by mid-day. Clarity is excellent, 20 ft. in the Big Springs area this morning. Moon phase is dark, and building. Full moon July 31 st. Fishing pressures is light except Saturdays when everyone's out. Lake levels are still good, and the water quality is excellent.

The hex hatch is still sputtering a few bugs out, but its pretty much over. Fish are after the smelt, which currently are growing up to 1.75 inches. Most fish we checked were holding smelt and zero insect larva. While many boats are trolling, more boats can be seen on anchor bait fishing suspended baits off the bottom or jigging.

A- Frame, Big Springs, Rec. 2, Spar Buoy, and the mouth of the Hamilton Branch are all good places to soak a meal worm or crawler. Our best fish today came off a cricket. Best fish this week was a 6.1 lb. Brown, and several others in the 3.8 lb. class. Biggest fish we landed in July to date was a 8.6 lb. Brown, off a Strike Master/crawler combo, @ 1.2 mph. Another hot spot has been that little cove in the back, near Big Springs..some nice fish in there. Salmon eggs twitched along the bottom. Problem is there's only room for a couple boats in there get there first and your in! Morning and late afternoons have been producing more fish than mid-day.

The usual trolling lanes are packed with fish, but the last couple days they have not been willing to chase trolled presentations. Which usually means it’s the “calm before the bite” and things are due for a upturn. Rec. 1 to Big Cove, East shore, Big Springs are all holding fish, The cold water of Big Springs always holds fish when surface temps soar above 75 degrees, like now. Goose island to Bunell Point, The fox Farm out to the old river bed is another summer trolling lane that will be holding fish.

Slow trolling night crawlers early behind Flashers or Dodgers add flash and action, and should be used when trolling below 35 ft. With water clarity currently so good, naked crawlers should be run between 20 and 30 ft. and wont require attractors. I've been running Seps silver Strike Masters dodgers they seem to out perform all other dodgers.

Fast action lures, like Needlefish, Rapalas, Rainbow Runners,and Speedy Shiners are all proven fish catching lures. As always, I add Pro-cure Trophy Trout scent to my lures and suspended baits for added appeal. Pro-Cure Carp Spit and Garlic Plus Super Gels are also found on my boat, because one of these 3 scents will always trigger something. You can fine this stuff at Ayoobs Hardware, or the “Sports Nut” sporting goods, both on Main st. in Chester.

Get out early for best action. Expect increased boat traffic after 10:00 am.

The Almanor Fishing Association Annual Steak BBQ, Saturday August 15th.

Location: The beautiful, green, shaded Rec. 1 picnic area on Peninsula Dr. in the Lake Almanor Country Club.

For tickets and info or contact Rich at 530-259-5899

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